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Security Guard Service
Morris Protective provides many types of security officers, all of whom wear the distinctive "Morris Blue" uniform.  This high visibility means better protection and security for your company.

The following is a list of some of the capacities in which our security offers are utilized:

  • Fire Patrol/Access Control Personnel
  • Security Receptionists
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerks
  • CCTV Monitoring Personnel
  • Escort Services Personnel
  • Supplemental Security Personnel
  • Special Events Officers

Morris Protective Service employs one of the largest security staffs in the region. All security officers are selected by accepted standard pre-employment interviews, and local security checks are made. Then a final interview is conducted, detailing hours and days off and a myriad of idiosyncrasies pertaining to the security industry. From the reaction of the prospective security officer, a determination is made on the possibility of success with this individual. Morris Protective Service feels that with the many interviews as a prerequisite for all prospective employees, this is a definite asset in recruiting and maintaining a qualified security staff. 

Morris Protective Service knows that training is a prerequisite to any successful security program. Morris Protective Service conducts classroom training in addition to on-the-job instruction pertaining to the particular facility. Morris Protective Service realizes that fire protection is, the, top priority for every client/prospect; therefore, the security officers are trained in all aspects of security, including fire, by staff officers with exemplary credentials in this field. 

Morris Protective Service knows that in order to be successful in the security field, one must have good supervision. Morris Protective Service has one of the largest ratios of supervisor to security officer in the industry. Supervisors are responsible for scheduling, training and unannounced security checks. They also counsel the security officer with personal and/or security problems.

Morris Protective Service management staff schedules regular visits to the client for the purpose of evaluating the performance of the security officer and the supervisor. During these meetings, recommendations are made by both parties to enhance the client's security program. The management staff is available, at the client's convenience, to discuss any problems whether they relate to the security force or security problems within the facility. INSURANCE COVERAGE Morris Protective Service carries one of the most extensive insurance packages available in the security industry. This includes Fidelity Bonding of all employees; Comprehensive General Liability Insurance containing Care, Custody and Control, Errors and Omissions; General Automobile Insurances; Workers' Compensation Insurance and Disability Insurance.

Advantages of Contract Security Officers Service

Lower Payroll Cost
The agency has one rate to include shift differential, holidays, supervision, fringe benefits, taxes, insurances, as well as foul weather gear when required.

Continuity of Service
The agency has a pool of trained personnel to fill when regular assigned security personnel are absent.

Disciplinary Problems
Disciplinary problems are handled by the contract agency whereby security officers are reprimanded or replaced, thus eliminating problems relating to internal friction.

Personnel Problems
The company is free from any employee problems and therefore, can utilize its time in developing proper security procedures

Extra Security Officers on Short Notice
Provided when the occasional need for special situations arises, i.e., activities in the plant, new construction areas and plant shutdowns, such as vacations or emergencies.

Reduced Administrative Activities
Reduction of responsibility to busy management, such as scheduling, vacations, insurance claims, infractions of rules and regulations and disciplinary measures.

Contract security officers are not allowed to fraternize with plant employees, and attend company parties or picnics or have friends and relatives on the job with them, as this leads to a breakdown in good security.

Recruitment Pressures
Relieves company from outside pressure in hiring and maintaining its security officer force.

The preceding reasons for a professional uniform contract agency represent a more proficient security service than can generally be attained through in-house personnel.

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