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To augment our investigative services and meet the growing demand in the field of security electronics, Morris Protective Service provides the following equipment:

35mm Photography
Various lenses are available for use with the camera ranging from 35mm to 600mm.  35mm photography has many applications in the security field, its primary one being the photo documentation during vehicle or pedestrian surveillance.

Surveillance CCTV
This camera is equipped with a variety of lenses.  Its primary function is the covert observation of a specific location within a facility.  Using the Pinhole lens, only a small opening "the size of a pinhead" is needed to view the area of activity, making it completely undetectable with the naked eye.

Mini-Cam CCTV
The camera is utilized when the Surveillance CCTV with the Pinhole lens cannot be completely concealed, or when a quick installation is required.

Portable CCTV
This camera is equipped with a variety of lenses and contains its own independent portable power pack.  Its primary use is for Compensation Investigation cases, vehicle tails, and the observation of employee activities during work stoppages.

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