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Service Inquiry Form
Service Inquiry Form
Welcome to Morris Protective's Service Inquiry Application form. If interested in obtaining Morris Protective Services, please answer the questions below. Form results will be sent to one of our representatives, who will review your application and contact you.

Company Name:
Company Address1:
Company Address2:
Zip Code:
Company Phone Number:
Company Fax Number:
Contact Person & Title:
Email Address:


What type of building do you own or manage?
What type of Security would you like?
Security Start Date:
Security End Date:


Requested/Current hours of Coverage:
Please describe the hours and Days of the Week you would like security coverage.
EX: Monday to Friday (8:00am to 5:00pm), Saturday (7:00am to 7:00pm).


When is the deadline/proposal due date?

Are you now or have you ever utilized a uniformed guard service?
If yes, who are/have you serviced through?
Is this an open competitive bid?
If yes, what are the names of the other companies bidding?
Reasons for coverage?
Is there an electronic or mechanical round recording device used by security?
If yes, what is the name of the recording device?
Who is in charge of reviewing the data on the recording device?
Exterior Patrols: Number of Stations? 
Interior Patrols: Number of Stations? 


May we get a map/blue prints of the facility and surrounding property?
What is the approximate size (sq.acres) of the property?
What is the approximate size (sq.ft.) of the facility?
Number of Egress Points:
Number of Ingress Points:
Emergency Evacuation?
Emergency Evacuation Posted?
Scheduled emergency evacuations? When? 
Where are the evacuation procedures posted:


Are there any electronic alarm systems utilized throughout the facility?
If yes, what capacity will the security service be required of them in regards to the alarm system?
     a. Response/Investigate
     b. Notification
     c. Alarm system ACK/RESET/CLEAR
Is this an audible alarm? 
Is the alarm system monitored by an independent monitoring station? 
Is the alarm system connected directly with the 911 Emergency Dispatch?
Are there written procedures on responding to the alarm system? 
If yes, may we receive/review a copy of the procedures?
Other than the telephone, is there any other mode of communication between the security officer and the staff on duty?
If yes, what is the mode of communication and how is it utilized?
Is there any other special equipment required of the security guards?
If yes, what is it?
Please list your top two security concerns:
Additional pertinent information not covered:


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