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Morris Protective Services began in 1947 with the "three musketeers" of Morris.  The company was started by R.W. Morris Sr., Mrs. Morris (his wife), and Richard W. Morris Jr.  In the telling of this Mr. Morris (R.W. Morris Jr.) refers to himself, his father and his mother as the "three musketeers."  In the beginning, all three (mother, father, and son) earned private detective licenses from New York State.  And, so began Morris Protective Service.

To this day MPS (Morris Protective Service) is headed by a Morris.  The current President is Michael D. Morris, the third generation to head the company.

Richard Morris Sr. started his career in the Justice System in 1918 when he was one fo the original New York State troopers.  Mr. Morris also rode in the Calvary at the Mexican border.  During his nine years with the police he rode on horse patrol (cars were not common yet).  During his early marriage to Mrs. Morris, it was mandatory for him to live in the barracks.  He was only allowed to be off duty once every two weeks for a short period of twelve hours (six pm to six am).

In 1927 Mr. Morris took the Civil Service exam.  When he was offered the position for Police Chief in Geneva, New York, he accepted.  At this point he moved himself and his family to North Syracuse, New York to Geneva, NY.

Richard Morris Sr. was not an educated man.  He had very little formal education.  However, he spent much of his own time educating himself.  Through hard work he became very well educated and was thought of highly by his peers.  In his later years he wrote a book for the Carnegie Institute on Police methods and lectured for higher education courses at Colgate and Hobart Universities.

Richard W. Morris Jr. is the only child of Richard W. Morris Sr. and Inez Morris.  As the only child he inherited the company his father had started.  Morris Jr. not only worked for the  company, but help start it for with his father and mother.  At the tender age of twenty, Richard Morris Jr. enlisted in the Marine Core.  After only a year and half he received his commission as second lieutenant.  After World War II he commanded an MP company in Sasabo and Nagasaki.  When Richard was wounded in battle at Iwo Jima he he was sent to Honolulu Naval Hospital.  After his recovery he was assigned to the military police.  He was sent to the Honolulu police school.  Mr. Morris believes himself very lucky to have gone there.
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